Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Terror in the pines-AZ trial

We had a good trial over all Kimberlite Elliott was 1st Bred by Exhibitor  on Saturday  
 Best Open Dog and BEST OPEN TERRIER Saturday

Sat, also Elliott was Reserve in GTG Sat,
Bijou was Champ in Super earth both days Won the money in Root and Loot Sun  
Coquette completed the hard super earth her first time ! and placed in Superearth and GoToGround

Kimberlite Buster Brown( Charlie got injured by the racing box on Saturday, so no sport for him the whole rest of the weekend So the only class he got to do was Conformation on sunday only (he was too lame sat even for that) but he did great

 He won his class and was Best Open Dog and BEST OPEN TERRIER Sunday 

 All did well
We enjoyed visiting with lots of people there and met some new folks
Good racing there are some cool pics see this site
Enjoyed talking to the judges (the Hulmes) afterwards

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