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Introducing Kimberlite Farms Jack Russell Terriers

Our Jack Russell Terriers

Inja is our Matriarch and has won many Agility, Obedience and GTG Ribbons and Championships, she has her Flyball Dog Championship title, she raced with the Gold Rush Team, and her son Livingston raced with the Bay Racers Flyball team.. She has won several Frisbee dog competitions and loves to cuddle under the covers!

Kimberlite Livingston (Inja x Capi of River-Joy) is our serious Racing Champion: He participated in the 2002, 2003 , 2004 and 2005 NATIONAL Incredible Dog Challenges! Kimberlite Livingston WON THE 2004 Incredible Dog Nationals. He has also had many JRTCA Racing Championships, Lure coursing wins, Conformation wins, Agility Championship and Q rounds and ribbons, GTG Championships, Rally and Obedience Q's. Livingston raced with the Bay Racers Flyball team and has his Flyball Dog Excellent!! He also goes to my Medical Office and the patients love him. He is a fantastic all around dog. He is Inja's son.

Livingston went out in the field in Missouri and successfully started! He located a set and dug himself in, good boy! What fun that was!

In the year 2007 Kimberlite Livingston and I went to the JRTCA National Show for his first time, Livingston was amazing he placed 1st in Vet Tall Hurdles Racing, and Top Gun he was 4th in Agility II, he was 5th in Tall Smooth Dog Conformation, He was 5th in Trailing and Locating, had a qualifying score in Obedience, placed 4th on Lure Coursing and was the Tall Vet National Reserve Champion!! Wow a lot for a little guy! 2008 JRTCA Nationals He was almost as amazing he was 1st in Trailing and Location, 2nd in Vets Flat Racing, 2nd in Top Gun, 3rd in Aglity Lure course, 5th in Agility 1, he got a Q in Rally.

Kimberlite Bonney is a beautiful girl, she is Livingston's sister, She is agile and lightning fast. She is really energetic. She excels at Agility does well at GTG, and a fast Racer, she's trained in Flyball, and she loves to snuggle and give kisses. She has produced some gorgeous puppies, and all have her sweet temperament and her drive.

In 2006 we added to our family

J&J Coyote Jonz (Tortilla Flat Tumbleweed x JJ Jewel) is a beautiful dog, he is also a love, he is always happy. He and I traveled to Nationals in 2006, my first time and his. He placed 3rd in smooth male 4-6 pups out of 24 at JRTCA NATIONALS! He has consistently placed well in conformation, usually winning his class. He has placed 1st under Dessie Mackie, John Broadhurst, Liz Gleason, Barry Wade, and was Res Best Dog Puppy under John Broadhurst and Best Dog Pup, and Puppy Champion under Barry Wade. He has been Puppy Racing Champion and Puppy GTG Champion a couple times! He placed as Reserve Best dog under Sandy Ferber as Adult. We were so proud of this beautiful man. He has produced some gorgeous pups.

Salishan Krest (Kenswick Cannon x Salishan Trudy) she has done very well in Conformation winning Championship several times as a pup and has won Best Bitch, and Reserve Open Terrier as an adult! She is a little dynamo, winning Racing Champ as a pup even though she is about 11 inches tall on a good day! she's also been competitive as an adult! Crossing her with Kimberlite Livingston has produced fantastic puppies.

And... Introducing:

Kimberlite Elliott

Elliott is one of the Kimberlite Livingston x Salishan Krest pups This little smooth tricolor bundle of joy has some big shoes to fill.. can't wait to get him out into the field. He has been doing fantastic at the trials. Everywhere he goes he makes people smile.

Salishan Glide
joined us from Canada in 2008. (Panache Tank x Salishan Tart)
She had tried her hand at flyball up in Canada, but decided she' move down here to California where the weather is more suite for her lovely smooth coat. She is knock down gorgeous, she's coming out of her shell a bit and was Reserve Best Bitch Puppy under Sandra Ferber in her one and only show show as a puppy.

Kimberlite Livingston and J&J Coyote Jonz
are available selectively for stud services.
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