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Trial News and Accomplishments

Kimberlite Jack Russells News- Our 2008 Show season has begun well.

We (me and the dogs!) traveled to Arizona to visit and attend the AZ Rescue Trial 08. Great crowd. Kimberlite Kita did fantastic at her first show winning her class Saturday and getting Reserve 4-6 Puppy Champion on Saturday, Sunday she won the puppy racing which was really just a free for all, but she is really fast .
Kimberlite Elliott won his conformation class both days.
Kimberlite Livingston Won the Flat and Hurdles in racing both days and Was Veterans Tall Racing Champion both days and Reserve GTG Champion Sunday! The girls were in season and had to miss it! Over all we had Quite a weekend

2008 UC Davis CGJRTC Racing Day went well for us as well, What a fun day! Beautiful Weather, Nice folks, LOTS of spectators! Kimberlite Livingston Won the Flat and Hurdles for the Veterans and was Veterans Champion. Little Kimberlite Elliott got his first shot at racing competition and is quickly getting the idea, he won the flats and was second in hurdles, but in the Finals he really followed that lure and He was Champion under Puppy for the day!

We attended the CGJRTC 2008 shows and did extremely well, I was only able to show a few of the dogs as I had to drive back 3 1/2 hours on Sat night for my brother's 50th birthday surprise party and 3 1/2 hours back Sun am But it was well worth it...
Kimberlite Elliott did fantastic at this show winning his conformation class and Best Dog Pup both days and getting Puppy Champion on Saturday, and Reserve Puppy Champion on Sunday. He won the Puppy GTG his first time out starting in Novice and was Puppy GTG Champion Saturday and Reserve Puppy GTG Champion Sunday, quite a set of achievements for the little guy.
Kimberlite Kita won her conformation class both days.
Kimberlite Livingston was Veterans Tall Racing Champion both days and Reserve GTG Champion Sunday! Over all we had a wonderful weekend

I went up to judge the Rainer Trial this year 2008 and brought along Kimberlite Elliott for some 1 on 1 time and to get a chance to show him . It was a really nice weekend. Great trial site great people, lots of nice dogs. Elliott won his Conformation class, was Puppy GTG Champion, Puppy Racing Champion and Puppy Barn Hunt Champion Wow tthen they named him Super Puppy and he got even more prizes Barry and I were very proud of him What a way to end your puppy career.

We had a busy time at the Diggin West Trial, Dawn always puts on a really nice trial and we wanted to support her , so entered too many classes for me to physically make it to! But We did well, Barry came with and we camped there Inja decided she would come along and had clean runs in Agility 1, 2 and 3 though not fast enought to keep up with the younger guys though she placed well. She also placed 3rd in Super Earth Open division (not bad for 12 years old!) Kimberlite Livingston was Veteran Racing Champion both days. J&J Coyote Jonz was Reserve Open Dog under Sandra Ferber, Elliott, Bently and Glide won all their conformation classes both days and Salishan Glide was Reserve Best Bitch Puppy under Sandra Ferber (great way to end her puppy career!). Kimberlite Bonney was 2nd in the big Jumpers class, with a Q behind the super fast clean run of Connie McKee. Livingston placed in his Agility runs and in GTG. I have forgotten some I know ...

Kimberlite Puppies


Our previous Kimberlite litters:

Inja x Westgate Rocket produced Kariba, Hammer, Little Rock, and Scoti in 1999.
All were gorgeous, Hammer and Kariba did well in the Conformation ring, Hammer was almost unbeaten in racing, Kariba was a little Agility Star. Little Rock went to Nevada to live with her new family , and went to her dad's law office daily and he said she helped him pick out clients. Scoti went to live with a family and went to the construction sites with his new dad.

Inja of Kimberlite X Capitola of River Joy 2001: produced Kimberlite Clyde who is the apple of Stacie's eye, Kimberlite Capone who was loved by the Goodmans. Kimberlite Livingston and Kimberlite Bonney who both stayed her with us and both excelled at Racing, GTG, Agility, Obedience, Conformation, both trained in Flyball, they are beautiful and sweet. Inja has produced some gorgeous puppies, and all have her temperament and drive.

The Kimberlite Bonney X Vegas of Ground Force 2005 pups have turned into great all around dogs, The boys Kimberlite Spitfire and Kimberlite Lancaster each placed 1st in Puppy Conformation classes! Kimberlite Spitfire has carried on with the racing genes, and won the 4-6 Puppy Racing in Washington 4-06! Darlene just loves Hurricaine (Now Kimberlite Sophie), she goes to the law office every day as an ambassador for the breed!, and loves to run in the snow and play with a pit bull and a big huge sled dog. They have enjoyed showing her and have placed! The Goodman boys, Austen and Tate showed Inja and Kimberlite Bonney to Reserve Champ Youth and Child Handler at the Wheatland trial. Way to go boys!

Our 2007 litters were Kimberlite Livingston x Salishan Krest and J&J Coyote Jonz x Kimberlite Bonney. Both litters produced nice temperments, great coats and some good conformation. Most of the puppies have been placed with new families, who are experiencing how wonderful it is to own one of these little bundles of energy, It was so fun having them all running and playing together and the moms shared the duties, they are all so cute. Everyone learned their puppy manners, crate training, loose leash walking, sit, stand and wait. All were retrieving before going to their new homes.

Jaz is enjoying life with the Chavez family, Jackie is going to work with her dad every day and loves to play soccer, she seems to be taking after her dad and is a fast racer. Elliott is here with us. Issac is enjoying his new humans and loves his new JRT playmate Sophie. Kita stayed around long enough to win Reserve Champion 4-6 mo puppy in Arizona, but has found a wonderful home with Nancy and Gordon and loves their grandchildren. Lucky was not what Stacie was looking for so, we brought him back here and got to enjoy him for a while, and he is now in a fantastic home with Ron and Noni where he goes to work everyday and is quite the traveler. Clover is such a wonderful girl, we have had the opportunity to babysit her while her family was on holiday and she fit right back in, she has the most fantastic smooth coat and is a sweetheart. Bailey has quite the life her family adores her, especially her boy, she swims, plays baseball, and everyone in the community knows her.

Our 2008 puppies have gone to their homes. They were an energetic bunch, fun of fun and always with a sparkle in the eye. Gorgeous structure and coats! Miles is a the light of his families life. Mom had had JRT's years ago and waited for just the right time and just the right dog. He is loved by everyone and lives in a beautiful area right near some great trails. Max has gone to life with a very nice young man , he is going on adventures and lives next to a huge park where they go to play. Jackie (Zac) is off to Brazil with his family where they will alternate between their horse ranch and town. His boy was so excited to get him!(Jackie looks so much like his dad Coyote!) Jillian has gone to live with a great family, last I heard Jillian has convinced Sarah that puppies are wonderful friends! Everyone in the family got so prepared, books, toys, bed crate and lots of love were all there waiting for her !

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Available Terriers

Right now we have a black and white female lightly broken coated puppy available. She is by J&J Coyoteout of Kimberlite Bonney She placed 2nd in her 4-6 mo class at just over 4 mo with both Nancy Breakstone and Sandra Ferber at Diggin West 08. Her full sister Kita from a different litter was Reserve Champion 4-6 mo Puppy at the Arizona Show last year. They are like book ends ! She is a sweet girl that gets along with everyone She is mostly white, great structure, good bite, BAER tested.
We are looking for a special home for her.

We will have puppies this summer (2009) let us know if you would like a puppy application to make a reservation (we have reservations already! )

Contact us if you are interested in a puppy. We will let you know if we have any Jack Russell puppies available, we may have one or be able to help you find one from a friend, or we will put you on the waiting list for our next litter. or we can help you find another good breeder, or a rescue dog. We follow the Breeders Code of Ethics.

Let us know if you are interested in a particular puppy, or a particular breeding or breeding a bitch to one of our boys.

Feel free to ask us for more information.

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Introducing Kimberlite Farms Jack Russell Terriers

Our Jack Russell Terriers

Inja is our Matriarch and has won many Agility, Obedience and GTG Ribbons and Championships, she has her Flyball Dog Championship title, she raced with the Gold Rush Team, and her son Livingston raced with the Bay Racers Flyball team.. She has won several Frisbee dog competitions and loves to cuddle under the covers!

Kimberlite Livingston (Inja x Capi of River-Joy) is our serious Racing Champion: He participated in the 2002, 2003 , 2004 and 2005 NATIONAL Incredible Dog Challenges! Kimberlite Livingston WON THE 2004 Incredible Dog Nationals. He has also had many JRTCA Racing Championships, Lure coursing wins, Conformation wins, Agility Championship and Q rounds and ribbons, GTG Championships, Rally and Obedience Q's. Livingston raced with the Bay Racers Flyball team and has his Flyball Dog Excellent!! He also goes to my Medical Office and the patients love him. He is a fantastic all around dog. He is Inja's son.

Livingston went out in the field in Missouri and successfully started! He located a set and dug himself in, good boy! What fun that was!

In the year 2007 Kimberlite Livingston and I went to the JRTCA National Show for his first time, Livingston was amazing he placed 1st in Vet Tall Hurdles Racing, and Top Gun he was 4th in Agility II, he was 5th in Tall Smooth Dog Conformation, He was 5th in Trailing and Locating, had a qualifying score in Obedience, placed 4th on Lure Coursing and was the Tall Vet National Reserve Champion!! Wow a lot for a little guy! 2008 JRTCA Nationals He was almost as amazing he was 1st in Trailing and Location, 2nd in Vets Flat Racing, 2nd in Top Gun, 3rd in Aglity Lure course, 5th in Agility 1, he got a Q in Rally.

Kimberlite Bonney is a beautiful girl, she is Livingston's sister, She is agile and lightning fast. She is really energetic. She excels at Agility does well at GTG, and a fast Racer, she's trained in Flyball, and she loves to snuggle and give kisses. She has produced some gorgeous puppies, and all have her sweet temperament and her drive.

In 2006 we added to our family

J&J Coyote Jonz (Tortilla Flat Tumbleweed x JJ Jewel) is a beautiful dog, he is also a love, he is always happy. He and I traveled to Nationals in 2006, my first time and his. He placed 3rd in smooth male 4-6 pups out of 24 at JRTCA NATIONALS! He has consistently placed well in conformation, usually winning his class. He has placed 1st under Dessie Mackie, John Broadhurst, Liz Gleason, Barry Wade, and was Res Best Dog Puppy under John Broadhurst and Best Dog Pup, and Puppy Champion under Barry Wade. He has been Puppy Racing Champion and Puppy GTG Champion a couple times! He placed as Reserve Best dog under Sandy Ferber as Adult. We were so proud of this beautiful man. He has produced some gorgeous pups.

Salishan Krest (Kenswick Cannon x Salishan Trudy) she has done very well in Conformation winning Championship several times as a pup and has won Best Bitch, and Reserve Open Terrier as an adult! She is a little dynamo, winning Racing Champ as a pup even though she is about 11 inches tall on a good day! she's also been competitive as an adult! Crossing her with Kimberlite Livingston has produced fantastic puppies.

And... Introducing:

Kimberlite Elliott

Elliott is one of the Kimberlite Livingston x Salishan Krest pups This little smooth tricolor bundle of joy has some big shoes to fill.. can't wait to get him out into the field. He has been doing fantastic at the trials. Everywhere he goes he makes people smile.

Salishan Glide
joined us from Canada in 2008. (Panache Tank x Salishan Tart)
She had tried her hand at flyball up in Canada, but decided she' move down here to California where the weather is more suite for her lovely smooth coat. She is knock down gorgeous, she's coming out of her shell a bit and was Reserve Best Bitch Puppy under Sandra Ferber in her one and only show show as a puppy.

Kimberlite Livingston and J&J Coyote Jonz
are available selectively for stud services.
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