Thursday, December 22, 2011

South Coast Jack Russell Terrier Club - Winter Sol Trial 2011

SCJRTC Winter Sol Trial 2011
The South Coast Club planned a trial for the winter this year. Our new litter was too little to come so Barry stayed home with them, their parents (Glide and Standley), Coyote, and the horses.
Charlie (Kimberlite Buster Brown), Elliott (Kimberlite Elliott), Krest (Salishan Krest) and Kit (Redstone Coquette) and I packed the van, booked a hotel, planned a visit with Barry's sister Carol and my brother Jonathan and his family and sent in our entry.
We made our way down being caught in a ridiculous amount of traffic in Los Angeles, were late to my brothers in SanDieo but made it and had a nice visit.
The Hotel was nice and quiet and we got a good nihts rest. We woke up early and out to the Bates Nut ranch . Got to the trial site and saw lots of good friends and had a wonderful time. Meeting new people and their dogs is always something I enjoy at the trials We have been recruited as a doggy-babysitter for a new family in the area!
Here is a posting of some of our results and Prizes for the weekend
The dogs did fantastic we could not have been prouder! Thanks to Kimberlite Livingston for producing such nice boys in Stan, Charlie and Elliott. I miss Liv at every trial...
Our Kimberlite Terriers really did well
SCJRTC Winter Trial Day I Kimberlite Racing Results
Kimberlite Buster Brown 1st Under Flats ,
Kimberlite Buster Brown (Charlie )
Kimberlite Buster Brown (Charlie )
First Under Hurdles , 1st Stakes race.
Kimberlite Buster Brown Under Racing Champion
Kimberlite Elliott 4th Flats
Kimberlite Elliott 2nd Hurdle,
Kimberlite Elliott 2nd Stakes
Conformation Results SCJRT Trail Day I
Kimberlite Elliott 3rd Bred By Exhibitors
Kimberlite Buster Brown (Charlie )1st Under Smooth
Salishan Krest (w/Charlie and Elliott) 1st Brood Bitch and Produce
Redstone Coquette 1sr Under Smooth Bitch
Redstone Coquette 1st Suitability to GROUNDHOG
Jack Russell GTG Results SCJRT Trail Day 1
Salishan Krest Under Veterans champion
Elliott 4th Under GTG
Charlie 3rd Under GTG-just missed reserve champ!
Super Earth Certificate Classes Results SCJRTC Trail Day 1
Kimberlite Elliot Under Super Earth Champion
Kimberlite Buster Brown (Charlie ) Under Reserve Champion
Salishan Krest Under Superearth Veteran Champion
Had a wonderful time at the dinner and after party at the diner with many of my terrier people friends Nice food and good company and great live music. Thanks to Angela and Tommy Domiani for the ride, and nice bonfire and their friendship.
Another good night sleep at the hotel (missed Barry ) and back to the show in the am...
More fun with friends We are so very proud of Desi and Kimberlite Bijou. Desi we areso glad that you have Bijou! They along with Dash (who was Senior racing champ Saturday! )came down for the trial and really cleaned up!
Kimberlite Terriers Racing results Day 2 SCJRT Trial
Kimberlite Buster Brown 1st Hurdle racing
Kimberlite Buster Brown Under Racing Champion
Kimberlite Bijou Reserve Under racing Champion
Kimberlite Buster Brown 1st Stakes Racing
Kimberlite Elliott 2nd Stakes Racing
SCJRTC Trial Day 2 Conformation Results
Kimberlite Elliott 2nd Bred by Exhibitor Dog
Kimberlite Buster Brown 1st Smooth Under Dog
Redstone Coquette 1st Smooth Under Bitch
Salishan Krest (Charlie and Elliott)Brest Bitch and Produce
SCJRTC Trial Day 2 Super Earth Results
Salishan Krest Under Veteran Super Earth
Kimberlite Buster Brown Under Super Earth Champion
Such a fantastic weekend

Stopped in Santa Monica to visit Carol and pick up Kimberlite Tessa as Carol will be spendin the Holidays in Canada
Had a nice visit and a tiring but safe drive home
Peace to all
Alison Cook Cilliers

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Diggin West 2011 was a lot of fun. So nice to see friends and for the dogs to have some fun! It was a beautiful weekend and the dinner Sat night had a great lecture about Cancer. The Kimberlite Jack Russell Terriers and their kids did really well and we are so proud of them. Lets start with racing

.. Charlie (Kimberlite Buster Brown) won Under Flt Racing both days and was Under Adult Racing Champion Sunday and Reserve Champion Sat (Kimberlite Elliott won Flats Sat, and made it into the finals both days but unfortunately got beaten by Robbin's speedy girl!

Elliott was Under Adult Superearth Champion Sat and Charlie tried it Sunday and was Under Adult Superearth Champion Sunday and Elliott Reserve Champion Krest was SuperEarth Under Veteran Champion both days

Carrying on in the performance arena-Both Elliott and Kimberlite StandanDeliver (Standley) 's kids did well in Racing and Barn Hunt and GTG, we are so proud of Promised Land Echo and Promised Land Cairo, and Kimberlite Bijou. Bijou won the Barn Hunt Sunday ! Bijou also did great in Colorado, where she has Best Bitch Puppy !

Charlie won his Conformation class both days and Elliott was second sat Coquette won her Confirmation Class Sunday. J&J Coyote Jonz (with help from Charlie and Coquette won the Tool Box class both days Salishan Krest was Best Bitch and Produce Sunday and 2nd Sat. Kimberlite StandandDeliver was second in racing Sat but ate some kind of a pip and was sick sunday and spent all night in the emergency vets office on Iv's etc, but he is ok now thank goodness ...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

SCJRTC Trial Spring Frolic III IV

Had a nice time in Southern California, in Valley Center, Bates Nut Ranch, Spring Frolic III & IV, the dogs did fantastic , and we got to visit with friends. We decided to camp in a tent at the site which was convenient, had not camped for a while missed the motor home!
Livingston's sons did not let him down doing quite well in racing and Elliott and Charlie qualified for the Incredible Dog Challenge!
Kimberlite Elliott had a good trial, he had to compete with his younger brother Charlie and Charlie out ran him in the Championships both days but Saturday Elliott won the Stakes racing ! Elliott was first in Under Hurdles Saturday and won the Under Flat Racing on Sunday! He performed great in GTG and SuperEarth placing Reserve Champion in Under Super Earth both days, and Champion in Go to Ground on Sunday and Reserve Champion on Saturday. He won the specialty Suitability to Red Fox in honor of Sharon Smith on Saturday!
Kimberlite Stananddeliver placed first in both Flats and Hurdle Novice racing on Saturday, placed in his conformation class, and qualified for his certificates in GTG and SuperEarth and can compete in the Championship GTG and SuperEarth at the next trial! Rhonda took a great picture of him at the top of the blog.
Kimberlite Buster Brown (Charlie) did fantastic won the Open under Flat Racing Saturday in a head to head battle with his brother, and won the hurdles Sunday, He was Reserve Racing Champion both days! He also won the Stakes Racing on Sunday He won his Conformation class on Sunday and was second Saturday. He did very well in GTG and SuperEarth and qualified for his certificates, and will be able to compete for the Championship next time out! Rhonda got a good pic of him in his conformation class.
Salishan Krest tried veterans racing on Saturday and as little as she is she still placed in flats and Hurdles! She was Reserve Champion in Veterans Super Earth Saturday and Sunday, and placed in Go to Ground both days. Her family did well in Best Bitch and Produce!
J&J Coyote did well winning the Suitability to Raccoon Badger on Saturday,and I believe he won his conformation class on Saturday as well, with Barry showing. Coyote won the Brush Hunt both Saturday and Sunday with amazing times both days! He tried racing on Saturday, but preferred to visit the crowd!
Salishan Glide did a great job in her conformation placing and not minding being handled by the judge Kevin Allen as Barry showed her!
Redstone Coquette came along with us and did well for her first outing, she visited well with people and placed 3rd in her class both days. See Rhonda's nice photo is above
Missed my old performance dogs, as buddies and sad not to have an Agility partner for this trial, and they had no obedience which Elliott and I have been practicing!
Look forward to the Incredible Dog challenge which will be our next outing June 10-11 at Del Mar Both Charlie and Elliott qualified, we should have fun , Livingston would be proud!