Sunday, January 1, 2012

Holiday Season 2011

Holiday Season was full of family and friends.
The Kimberlite Standandeliver x Salishan Glide puppies are enjoying all the company, new people and all the attention. They have been been on quite a few road trips already in their short lives. They have enjoyed meeting the patients in the office and have been real favorites there.
Ringo and Harrison have gone to their new families.
We have so enjoyed this litter, we are blessed to have this time to spend with them, and hope to continue to enjoy them through the news from their new families . Ringo has gone to his new family right before Christmas, and has started his puppy classes in Southern California. (Congratulations to Lesli and Daniel) and Harrison went to his new home right before Christmas (Congratulations to Dianna, (she is in love!) Nico and Renald)
We had a great time doing their evaluations. Thanks Connie, Marjie and Kelly. We are pleased with there temperaments and structure. Their inquisitive little noses have found any number of adventures!