Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Gunnison Grand Terrier Faire

Got a note from Ellie- Kimberlite Hooligan had a great trial and was Grand champ puppy
Kimberlite Bijou was Over All High Point a feat she repeated at the Texas trial That girl is amazing

Terror in the pines-AZ trial

We had a good trial over all Kimberlite Elliott was 1st Bred by Exhibitor  on Saturday  
 Best Open Dog and BEST OPEN TERRIER Saturday

Sat, also Elliott was Reserve in GTG Sat,
Bijou was Champ in Super earth both days Won the money in Root and Loot Sun  
Coquette completed the hard super earth her first time ! and placed in Superearth and GoToGround

Kimberlite Buster Brown( Charlie got injured by the racing box on Saturday, so no sport for him the whole rest of the weekend So the only class he got to do was Conformation on sunday only (he was too lame sat even for that) but he did great

 He won his class and was Best Open Dog and BEST OPEN TERRIER Sunday 

 All did well
We enjoyed visiting with lots of people there and met some new folks
Good racing there are some cool pics see this site
Enjoyed talking to the judges (the Hulmes) afterwards

Diggin West Jack Russell Terrier Trial 2012

Well it was the Finale The last Diggin West Trial  We has an amazing weekend Barry had to stay home with the kids.  How wonderful to have Desi come with Bijou, Vici and Kel come with Olive and Lorraine come with Samson... DJ and Ms Doolittle were planning to come but were unfortunately unable ...We all had a great time, visiting playing with the dogs and competing
We had good performance days both days Kimberlite Buster-Champ Under Racing Both days!i=2167040252&k=tx9qK4R
and Kimberlite Elliott Reserve Champ Sunday,!i=2167561672&k=wW3jP7g
J&J Coyote was Reserve Over GTG Champ Sat
And Charlie (Kimberlite Buster Brown) was Super Earth Under Champ Sat and Reserve Under Champ Sun

 Elliot was Champion Under Super Earth Sunday ,

Redstone Coquette won Open Super Earth and was Second in GTG.
Kimberlite Bijou (Kimberlite StandandDeliver x Salishan Glide) who Desi Timmerman owns ) won the Stakes SuperEarth and $83 I think and I think did very well in Super Earth AND on Sun made it into the Over finals in racing !!

Promised land Echo (Elliott's son, who is owned by Glen Gillette and Deanna Gillette) was Reserve Over Racing Champ both days.!i=2167564366&k=4srfX6g

 Kimberlite Sampson (belongs to Lorraine and Samantha Arnott in So Cal) was 2nd in conformation

and 2nd in both flats and hurdles 4-6 mo Racing and ran well for his first time
(never having a muzzle on or seeing a lure) she said he would have won hurdles if she was not just before the hole encouraging him! We had pretty Decent Conformormation (though not like our last few)!i=2167050397&k=NwjJmk9!i=2167049804&k=bSbJxX4

Kimberlite Mi Corazon (Salishan Krest x J&J Coyote ) was Best 4-6 mo Puppy both days,!i=2167050162&k=XHF8c7v

Kimberlite Samson was 2nd in his class!i=2169210998&k=nrK58kh

,Salishan Krest won Best Bitch and Produce (with Mi and Charlie) Both days and Won Best Family Saturday.

 Kimberlite Olive (aka Dirty Martini ) with Vici Whisner was 4th in her class (her first time showing) and they had a great time.

PUPPIES!!!! Elliott x Glide Puppies are here