Saturday, May 16, 2015

BattleBorn Bonaza ! Fuji Park Carson City NV

Desi Timmerman is putting on a fantastic trail in Carsen City NV
Here is a list of what to bring that I sent to Deneane and Mark and Elizabeth and Loren

To bring flat collar, harness, 6 ft leash, show collar and lead, flexi lead for potty and exercise walks away from the show , You will need a place to have the dog stay and rest like an exercise pen or crate  at trial, beds, blanket to cover crate, treat bag, treats, small lure, racing lure, muzzle, , food water bowls, food, water. Copy of you entries and the program, chairs, ice chest drinks and goodies for your selves.  There are child handler classes, they require a little studying but a lot of fun

We all had fun and their puppies did fantastic Philly seems to have inherited Charlie's Trailing and Locating skills,and Carson his racing talents  and little Sierra and Carsen has their mom's tenacity towards getting to that rat They were all well behaved and had a great chance to work on their socialization

Our dogs did great

Kimberlite Buster Brown again did us proud, at the Battleborn Bonanza Jack Russell Trial I think I got these all right , he enjoyed showing off for his kids He must have been a little tired from our trip, 2nd in flat and Hurdles Day 1, (gave his daughter Ice a chance to shine) 2nd in the Brush hunt, Reserve Champ in a difficult Super Earth, 2nd in Smooth Under Conformation both days, 1st and reserve Champ in T...railing and Locating Sat, 4th in Stud Dog and get both days, and Proudly 4th in Companion terrier sat and 6th Sunday.
Sunday he was 1st in Under Flats and Hurdles and Under Racing Champion , 1st and Champion in Trailing and Locating with a smoking score ( his little daughter Philly was first in her puppy T/L both days) , He was Champion in SuperEarth Quite proud of our boy and his kids

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